6 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Wellington

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6 Of The Very Best Romantic Places To Kiss In Wellington

The ultimate guide to Wellington’s most romantic spots this Valentine’s day.

February 14 is nearly upon us, and love is in the air. Although you may associate other cities with love and romance, Wellington still has some pretty romantic spots. Whether it’s taking a sunset-coloured walk or having a cosy sit on a patch of grass, there’s plenty of romance-infused locations here. [Featured Image: Mayur Gala, Unsplash].

1. Makara Beach

Ah, yes. Nothing quite beats watching the waves drift slowly in and out of the shore, sound tracking the sun kissing Wellington goodnight. Talking of kissing, that wouldn’t be a bad setting for a sign of affection to your significant other now, would it? You can never go wrong with a beach in most aspects of life, and that definitely applies to love.

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2. Wellington Botanic Gardens

What better way is there to spend a day out in Wellington with your loved one? Waltz through the shrubbery and admire the beautiful plants at trees that never fail to conjure up those feelings of love in us all.

3. At one of Wellington’s spectacular waterfalls


Wellington is home to many a wonderful waterfall. Gazing into the free flowing water with your significant other in your arms sounds like a dreamy ol’ time, doesn’t it? Head to Seton Nossiter Park or Percy Scenic Reserve to get your summer fill of beautiful waterfall actions and share a romantic moment.

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4. Wellington Harbour Boatsheds

Image: Chris Hughes, Unsplash

Undoubtedly one of Wellington’s most romantic settings. It has it all – a flurry of different colours, a water to stare out into as the breeze gently sweeps through your hair and the air of the ocean. Tick, tick, tick. It’s romance o’clock.

5. Mount Victoria

Image: Pat Ho

Looking out longingly over the city as you take a quick break from doing the same into your loved ones eyes. It’s really quite something, the view over Wellington from Mount Victoria, especially when mixed with the sun going down.

6. Cape Palliser Lighthouse

Image: Andreas Sjövall

The towering red and white lighthouse is a beacon of hope for the whole city. Standing tall since 1897, it’s guided many a journey in it’s time. Plus, it helps that the setting of Palliser Bay is so goddamn beautiful. Climb the 250 steps up to the lighthouse to marvel at it in a romantic day with your partner.

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