7 Wonderful Places To Watch The Sunset And Sunrise In Wellington

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Wellington Sunset Sunrise

Whether you want to capture the perfect shot on your camera, or the perfect shot in your mind, golden hour is one of life’s beauties. Certainly, Wellington has got some iconic places to watch the sunset and sunrise this summer. Hence why we have rounded up seven of the best places to catch a spectacular glowing sky.

1. Mount Kaukau

Pop on your active gear to experience a magical sunset at the summit of this hill, which you’ll reach on the direct route in around 30 minutes. The picturesque summit offers unforgettable views of the sea and the surroundings, where you’ll capture magnificent photos of a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

📍 Mount Kaukau, Wellington, New Zealand

2. Castlepoint Lighthouse

This spot is a two and half hour drive from the city, so it’s best to keep this one for a summer day trip. With iconic views of the surroundings, the beautiful lighthouse, and the sea…you’ll be spoilt for choice of where to watch the sunset or sunrise here. Likewise, this lighthouse is just like a scene out of a movie, and that’s why it is one of the most instagrammable places in Wellington.

📍 Castlepoint 5889, New Zealand

3. Mount Victoria Lookout

Embark on a hike from the city through historic pine forests to take advantage of the unforgettable views Mount Victoria has to offer. Sunset boasts the greatest photo opportunities with a spectacular backdrop of the city and skyline. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent place to snap a dazzling selfie!

📍 Lookout Road, Hataitai, Wellington 6021, New Zealand

4. Pukerua Bay Beach

Head to Porirua to experience a majestic sunset with views of the South Island, on this beach, surrounded by bushland. Additionally, if you’re feeling a little low, go at sunrise, which is the perfect way to kickstart your day by adding a little morning glory.


📍 Pukerua Beach Road, Pukerua Bay, Porirua 5026, New Zealand

5. Massey Memorial

In a peaceful environment, this hilltop memorial site makes an excellent spot to catch an epic sunrise or sunset. The unique landmark, against the backdrop of Wellington Harbour, and the sea is simply sublime. If you go at sunset, watch in awe as the sun disappears, and the city lights light up Wellington.

📍 Maupuia, Wellington 6022, New Zealand

6. Paekakariki Hill Road

As one of the most enchanting coastal drives in Oceania, you’ll certainly experience golden hour at its finest here. With an unpredictable pink and blue pastels, orange and red sky…it’s hard to know what exactly you’ll be treated to. Nevertheless, it will be breathtaking as the colourful sky reflects the ocean and Kapiti Island in the distance.

📍 Paekākāriki 5034, New Zealand

7. Te Ahumairangi Lookout

Another scenic spot to experience a marvellous sunrise or sunset in Wellington. With stunning views across Pencarrow, Wellington Harbour and city, the South Coast, and more…you won’t be disappointed. Specifically, locals love a good sunrise up here which remains unbeatable in Wellington. Be sure to bring your camera!

📍 Northland, Wellington 6012, New Zealand

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