You Can Get Massive Cookie Pies Delivered To Your Home From Moustache

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Cookie Pies Wellington

Time to indulge on some sinful and delicious cookies.

Who doesn’t love cookies? The warm dough, scrumptious gooey texture, topped with chocolate chips melting on your tongue. Indeed, it’s the ultimate comfort food. More excitingly, the invention of cookie pies has taken the world by storm in recent years. Consequently, we should give special thanks to Auckland and Christchurch based Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar, who sells these delightful bad boys, and who have started to deliver across New Zealand.

Prepare for a tastebuds overload when you sink your teeth into these exclusive gooey pies from the comfort of your own home. Think pies filled with creamy goodness, chocolate bars like rolo, cookies and cream, or limited seasonal editions such as Easter egg. Definitely, it’s the most pleasurable food experience.

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar offer plenty of options. For example, you could get the giant cookie bundles from $49, assorted cookie pie packs from $25, customer favourite the huge Nutella and caramilk pie for $39, just to name a few. This spot is also home to gigantic birthday cookie cakes for $28, and the 5-star reviewed party pies, to feed a gang, with 11 different cookie flavours in one for just $59.


Wonderfully, there are some vegan and gluten-free options like the gigantic cookie for $29, assorted vegan cookie pack for $25, and the wholesome triple chocolate gluten-free cookie pie pack for $25. Certainly, they are a soul-satisfying find for all you Vegans and Celiacs.

Marvelously, you Wellington folk now have access to the best cookie pies in New Zealand. So, all you need to do is sit back, relax and order your bundle via the Moustache website. You can thank an 8 year old child, Deanna Yang, whose obsession for cookies filled with happiness inspired her to create this joyful dessert experience as an adult.

Can’t wait? No problem. Get your cookie fix at one of the best cookie places in Wellington.

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