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15 Fun Things To Do In Wellington During Lockdown This September

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Wellington Lockdown

Wellington is in lockdown, but you can make your own fun from home.

Sadly, we can’t bring you our usual list of thrilling activities to do this month. However, we’ve graciously put together a list of fun things to do, from the comfort of your own home, that provides solid entertainment for you and your household. Indeed, you won’t get bored. Here are 15 of the best things to do during lockdown in Wellington this month.

1. Movie Marathon

Entertain yourself with a Netflix movie, from thrillers to crime to documentary films, check out our list of the greatest Netflix movies below.

20 Iconic Netflix Movies To Watch In New Zealand This Month

2. Experience Disneyland Virtually

Feel as if you’re at Disneyland through the magic of 21st century technology and a stable internet connection. Enjoy all your favourite rides, from hopping on the caterpillar at Alice In Wonderland, to boarding a pirate ship with Peter Pan, and zooming down the roller-coaster at Thunder Mountain, just to name a few. For more information, visit the All Access Disneyland website.

3. Zoom Quiz

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Gather all your mates, schedule a zoom night quiz competition, and get ready for some bellyaches of laughter. Opt to base your quiz on general world knowledge, or to make it even more comical, test your friends on how well they know you and each other. All you need is a dedicated quiz master, and you’re all ready to go. Be sure to grab beers or wine from the supermarket for the occasion.

4. Game Night

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A household game night is a great way to escape the lockdown blues. From Pictionary and puzzles, creative games like charades to a treasure hunt for chocolates…you won’t be bored. And let’s not forget about the endless amount of group game apps available on our mobiles.

5. New Hobby

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Why not be productive and pick up a new hobby such as learning a new language, starting a new podcast, beginning yoga and meditation, starting to write, or anything else you have been eager to do, but just can’t find the time. Indeed, now is your opportunity.

6. Global Food Experience

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Treat your household to an authentic experience by switching it up and cooking foods from around the globe. For instance, Monday could be Mexican Mondays, where you cook only Mexican dishes, Tuesdays could be for Thai food, Wednesdays for traditional French grub, and so on.

7. Start A New TV Show

Lucky for you, Netflix is constantly buzzing with surreal new shows. Check out our favourite new shows to binge-watch this month below.

14 Brilliant Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch In New Zealand This Month

8. Stream The Northern Lights

If you’ve dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, we’ve found you the best compromise. Excitingly, you can stream the Northern Lights live from anywhere in the world thanks to Polar Bear International And Explore. The camera is located in Churchill, Manitoba in Canada, directly underneath the Aurora Oval. Grab a hot chocolate, watch in awe and snuggle up on the couch to beat those lockdown blues.


9. Free Viewpoint Walks

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From beaches to green hillsides, Wellington has some iconic viewpoints. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to live near one, head out on your quick daily walk or run, and take in the delightful scenery at these landmarks. The combination of exercise and fresh air are a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, and keep you sane during lockdown.

10. Hone Your Cooking Skills

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If you are atrocious at cooking, perhaps, this is the time to invest in your cooking skills. Read cookbooks, get to know ingredients and tools to use in the kitchen, and experiment with new recipes. Get your household to taste your recipes, and give their opinions.

11. Dessert-Making

We recently compiled a list of the best desserts in the world, so why not try making these delicious delicacies at home.

The World’s Best Desserts And Where To Find Them In Wellington

12. Auckland Art Gallery Virtually 

Ever wanted to go visit Auckland Art Gallery, well now is your chance, right from your bedroom. Opt for either an insightful family experience with fun facts and activities, a tour with stories on the artworks or an in-depth exhibition experience with extended information for enthusiasts. For more information, visit the Auckland Art Gallery website.

13. Read A New Book

Got no books at home? No problem, we’ve listed the fastest and most reliable online bookstore deliveries to Wellington. Please allow for delays with lockdown measures.

The Best Online Bookstore Deliveries To Keep You Sane This Lockdown

14. Watch A Comedy

Comedies are a fantastic way to escape and to boost your mood. We’ve listed our top favourite comedies available to stream on Netflix now.

14 Epic Netflix Comedies To Help You Escape The Lockdown Blues

15. Plan Ahead

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Are you feeling lost with your life? Got no time to think with work? Need a vacation? Well, lockdown is giving you the time to plan ahead on what you want for the rest of the year, and into 2022. Planning ahead is exciting, and gives you something to look forward to.

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