The Best Wellington Cafes Open For Takeaway Coffee And Treats

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Level three coffee to go anyone?

The simple little luxuries of our daily routine is sorely missed during this lockdown period. And, not being able to get a proper cup of coffee from our favourite cafes was high on the list during level four. Therefore, it’s exciting that we can now grab-and-go from some of the best spots that offer takeaways. Here are some of our favourite Wellington cafes to grab a heavenly coffee and treat for the road.

1. Neo Café & Eatery

Expect a top-quality rave reviewed cup of coffee from this gluten-free and vegan-friendly café. They even sell the Coffee Supreme brand so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Be sure to pair your hearty cup with a treat such as filled croissants, cheese scones, jam bagel, just to name a few. No wonder it is one of our favourite brunch spots in Wellington. To order, download the On The Go app and preorder for contactless pick-up.

📍 132 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

2. Flight Coffee Hangar 

With an incredible team of friendly baristas, this spot is sure to give coffee enthusiasts the pick-me-up they need this lockdown. With a large selection of beverages, from lattes and teas, black and white coffees, mochas to hot chocolate…you’ll be spoilt for choice. They’ve got some delicious grub also, so be sure combine your cuppa with a sweet muffin or a toastie to keep your belly from aching.

📍 119 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 

3. Havana Coffee Works


This 5-star hotspot has been pleasing Wellingtonians since 1989 with an array of organic coffee and beverages. Select between a diverse range of coffee blends from different origins, teas, iced drinks and even milkshakes. Customers have even said their coffee is the best in the world. Order via the Havana Lounge website for contactless pick-up.

📍 163 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand

4. Queen Sally’s Diamond Deli

Take advantage of the beautiful mornings in Lyall Bay, and grab an excellent Havana coffee from this spot. Compliment your coffee by opting to order some delicious baked goods such as sweet and savoury muffins, vegan cheese scones and cupcakes, brownies, sandwiches, potato samosas, the list is endless. Download the On The Go app to get the perfect morning fix.

📍 6022/200 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington 6022, New Zealand

5. Miss Fortune’s

Another one of our favourites serving up some delightful cups of locally-roasted coffee in Wellington and the finest selection of quick fix counter food. Think tasty donuts, sweet muffins, Danish pastries, homemade cookies, salads and lots more. Indeed, you need to make this a morning trip, as it’s the perfect solution to kickstart your morning and keep you in a good mood for the day.

📍 105 Hutt Park Road, Gracefield, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand

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