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This year wasn’t quite as lockdowny as the last, but it was still pretty lockdowny. Indeed, we spent a lot of time in hibernation, so it was easy to get hooked on TV shows, eat our body weight in popcorn while watching the latest Netflix movies, and dive deep into an addictive book, hoping to go on a journey of enlightenment. Here’s our recommendations of the best movies, shows and books from 2021 that you should try in Wellington.

TV Shows

1. Emily In Paris

Best Netflix Shows Singapore December
Photo Credit: Netflix

Recommended by: Megan Zara Walsh, Editor for Secret Singapore, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

What they had to say 📺: If you’ve ever moved away and settled in a new place, this show will be totally relatable. It comically follows Emily Cooper, navigating her 20s, friendship and love and a new job in Paris. I’m a big fashionista and travel lover, so I get such a thrill out of all the style, instagrammable destinations, to name a few. It’s exactly what life can be like as an expat in another country. 

2. You

Recommendations Singapore
Photo Credit: Netflix

Recommended by: Tamsin Salfrais, Secret Content Creator 

What they had to say 📺I know (nearly) everyone watched this, but I’m a sucker for a binge-able show.

3. Squid Game

Squid Game Netflix
Photo Credit: Netflix

Recommended by: Nicole de Souza, Writer for Secret Melbourne

What they had to say 📺Okay, so the whole world was obsessed with this show, and I was too. It has compelling characters, suspenseful sequences, stunning visuals and a really interesting concept. And, it was also a K-drama and I love K-dramas.

4. Sweet Tooth

Best Netflix Shows
Photo Credit: Netflix

Recommended by: Kat Notman, Editor for Secret Amsterdam, Kobenhavn & Stockholm

What they had to say 📺A deer-boy finds himself alone and hunted during a pandemic until he finds a nice fella who starts looking after him, albeit reluctantly. I binge-watched the first couple of series and now there are no more episodes left to watch. I feel empty and heartbroken.

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1. The Power Of Letting Go by John Purkiss

Best Books Singapore
Photo Credit: Amazon

Recommended by: Megan Zara Walsh, Editor for Secret Singapore, Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington

What they had to say 📚Anyone with an appreciation for self-help books will adore this book. It’s about letting go of what’s holding you back in your life. When you use the methods from this book, and apply them to your own life, everything will just flow for you. Give it a try!

2. Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

Best Books Of 2021 Singapore
Photo Credit: Amazon

Recommended by: Laura Rogan, Editor for Secret Manchester

What they had to say 📚: This book left me absolutely hooked thanks to its intertwining timelines that uncovered both a murder mystery plot and a young love story. The characters are so loveable, and everything about Kya’s universe helped me escape my own COVID-riddled world.

3. If You Were There: Missing People and the Marks They Leave Behind by Francisco Garcia

Best Books Of 2021 Singapore
Photo Credit: Hive

Recommended by: Jack Saddler, Writer for Secret London & Dublin 


What they had to say 📚This debut book offers a dig into the world of missing people, where you may end up with more questions than answers. Garcia’s gut-wrenching own story of his missing father provides a timeline to tell the stories of others all across the UK before a journey to his Spanish hometown on a quest for answers.

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1. Don’t Look Up

Best Movies Netflix Singapore
Photo Credit: Netflix

Recommended by: Megan Zara Walsh, Editor for Secret Singapore, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

What they had to say 🎥: This climate change movie tells the tale of a comet threatening to destroy Earth, featuring a Trump-like administration led by Meryl Streep’s character. Interestingly, you’ll be in fits of giggles with the comical moments. Also, there’s hidden life lessons that makes you think long after the credits roll.

2. Your Name

Recommended by: Alex Landon, Acting Executive Editor of Secret Media, UK/IE/APAC+

What they had to say 🎥Heartfelt anime with elements of fantasy and a cracking soundtrack – it’s impossible not to be captivated.

3. Cruella

Best Movies 2021
Photo Credit: Disney

Recommended by: Amanda Viller, Community Manager UK/APAC

What they had to say 🎥Didn’t watch loads of movies this year, but this one definitely stuck with me. The fashion is on point, storyline, and characters exquisite, and ya know, who doesn’t love a good villain backstory?

4. Parasite

Recommended by: Abi Meadow, Secret Viral Scout

What they had to say 🎥The end always leaves me with my mouth agape. No spoilers here… if you haven’t seen, ya gotta!

5. Dune

Cinema Movies Singapore 2021
Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Recommended by: Megan Zara Walsh, Editor for Secret Singapore, Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch

What they had to say 🎥: I randomly went to see this new sci-fi movie in the cinema, and surprisingly enjoyed it. It’s the first installation developed from the book series by Frank Herbert. It’s like a mix of Star Wars and Games Of Thrones, set in a futuristic dangerous universe.

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Edited by Megan Zara Walsh

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