New Zealand Passport Is Now The Most Powerful In The World

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

New Zealand Passport Is Now The Most Powerful In The World

We’re at the top of a list again!

New Zealand has moved to the top of the world’s passport index. This interactive database ranks the access granted by the 193 different UN passports. [Featured image: Annie, Unsplash]. 

The passport database is updated frequently, as it takes the fluctuations in visa waivers and changes into account. Factors for ranking each nation include mobility scores, visa requirements, world openness and electronic travel authorisation.

Due to the COVID-19, changes in visa-free travel have come about in rapid fashion. New Zealand sits at the top of the list, boasting visa-free access or visa-upon-entry to 128 nations.

Japan is close behind in second place, also boasting 128, next to Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, South Korea, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. With 127, the following countries are Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Italy. The USA is ranked in 21st place, with a score of 92.


The majority of the list’s highest scorers come from Europe, with most retaining free movement during the pandemic. But, it’s safe to say us Kiwis and our Australian neighbours have bucked that trend!

Check out the full index by following this link.

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