This Interactive Map Will Show You The Best Cheeses From Around The World

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This Interactive Map Will Show You The Best Cheeses From Around The World

Check out these brie-lliant cheeses!

As we’re all mainly stuck indoors, we may as well take a marvel at a great landmark or cheesemark, shall we say. Thanks to Taste Atlas, you can discover cheeses from around the world, from stinky Stilton in England to soft Sakura in Japan using their interactive cheese map.

Sure, there are plenty of cool tours that you could go on that would take you around all of the historic parts of the world; showing you all the best tourist spots, most haunted spots or prime street art spots. But there’s only one way to truly get to know a country: by touring all of the cheesiest spots, of course. It’s a whole different kind of ‘cultured’.

You can brie-z across the globe and learn what kind of cheese is being made and enjoyed in different countries. Would you believe, not everyone is gorging on Cheddar cheese just yet. With over 100 cheeses marked on the map from the UK alone, nothing gets cheddar than this interactive cheese map. Discover local legends like Yorkshire Wensleydale and Double Gloucester to more obscure cheeses like Rubing found in China’s Yunnan province and Ayibe from Ethopia.

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Credit: Taste Atlas

This Caerphilly conducted interactive cheese map has plotted some regional classics, so you’re in very Gouda hands. To make this map even feta, it can also be viewed as a list too, with cheeses ordered alphabetically and by location. Plus, these cheeses are ranked by popularity and best rated, so you know which cheese is buff and which cheese is rough. Sounds like secondary school all over again. There is even a list for the top 10 worst rated cheeses in the world! And there may be a few surprising contenders…


Start from wherever in the world, you can drag your cursor across some of the world’s finest cheeses, with hundreds to explore. Feeling peckish learning about Pecorino? Why not make a night of it and sample some local, award-winning cheese and continental classics whilst you’re marvelling at mozzarella? And naturally, pair your cheese with a glass of wine.

Not only does Taste Atlas have an interactive cheese map, but it also has a number of interactive maps organised by food categories including traditional dishes around the world or by starchy staples such as dumplings, bread and pasta, for example. We camembert the excitement! Explore the cheese map here.

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