5 Of The Best Indian Restaurants In Wellington For Your Next Curry Night

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5 Of The Best Indian Restaurants In Wellington For Your Next Curry Night

It’s always time for an Indian food night.

Indian food is objectively one of the best forms of cuisine on planet earth. It’s just fact. And, for many of us, Indian curry nights have become a regular occurrence, whether it’s ordered in or out at a restaurant. [Featured Image: Lai YuChing, Unsplash].

Here in Wellington, we’ve got some cracking spots to satisfy your cravings and put you into a pleasant food coma. Here are some top restaurants to grab Indian food in the city.

1. Curry Heaven

Image: Curry Heaven Newtown, Facebook

Curry Heaven has a fine reputation around Wellington for delivering authentic dishes, with care and precision. The Newtown favourite is one of your best bets if you’re looking for fine quality, friendly staff and good prices. What’s more, after munching down on a fine lamb biryani or fish tikka, you’ll be on your way to a discount. The more times you eat here, the more money you’l get off next time! When the food is this great it’s a no-brainier.

📍 136 Riddiford Street, Newtown, 6021.

2. Great India

Great India conjures up a wonderful blend of spices, with dishes that originate in South Gujrat and Northern India. Start with an Aloo pastry set, before a fiery chicken madras or malai kofta. Great India is well-equipped in vegetarian dishes, as well as offering a host of seafood choices. So, everyone and anyone can enjoy these wonderful flavours. It’s been serving food to Wellington since 1983, and is one of the top spots around.

📍 141 Manners Street, Te Aro, 6011.

3. The Balti House

As you might be able to tell, this bunch have mastered the art of the balti dish. They have a great variety, but in essence, you need to try the balti sauce dishes. You’ll find them with chicken, eggplant, seafood and much more. Dig into these delightful curries, and if the balti is your favourite style, look no further than here.


📍 42 Caledonia Street, Miramar, 6022.

4. Yellow Chilli 

Yellow Chilli is another heavyweight in the Wellington foodie scene. With years of work behind it, Yellow Chilli serves up divine Indian food. Whether you’re after a fish vindaloo, a chilli banquet, a broccoli and mushroom korma or a classic tikka masala, Yellow chilli is a spot to guarantee you plates of the finest quality.

📍 92 Upland Road, Kelburn, 6012.

5. Tulsi 

Tulsi have multiple spots, and have served their loyal Wellington faithful for over 20 years. They need no introductions, but their food has remained at the highest level throughout, and you can never go wrong with a trip here! Recently, they’ve been voted as the spot serving the best butter chicken in Wellington, so if you’ve never been, it would make sense to start there!

📍 Multiple locations.

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