5 Most Haunted Places In Wellington To Add To Your Halloween Lists

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Haunted Places Wellington

October 31 is this Sunday. And so, instead of scaring yourself by browsing the negative pandemic news, why not do it the old-fashioned way? Read about, or even go looking for some actual haunted grounds and spirits. There are a number of haunted places in Wellington that are known for some paranormal activity, so let’s dive into the list and get spooked out, shall we? I doubt I’ll be going to sleep after writing this…

1. Cambridge Hotel

Time to kick off the spooks with a good one. This spot seems normal enough, but guests have reported some creepy happenings over at the Cambridge Hotel. Some have said there is a pressure on their bed when they slept, and others have described a feeling of uneasiness on the staircases, like they were about to be pushed. Well, I can’t say I’ll be in a rush to stay the night here. Certainly, one of the most haunted places in Wellington.

2. Hotel Waterloo And Backpackers

Image: Hotel Waterloo, Facebook

Some reports from guests of strange and spooky goings on have also been attributed to this hotel. Visitors at Hotel Waterloo And Backpackers have said elevator doors and bathroom doors opened by themselves on occasion. Hmm, once again, not up for staying at this one. Indeed, one of the most haunted places in Wellington.

3. Inverlochy House/Art School

This is a spooky old mansion built in Victorian times. The late 1870s, to be precise. It changed hands many times, eventually becoming a gift to the city for arts. Rumours of a ghost roaming the halls, since the 1970s, have not gone away. A sighting of a young woman in Victorian clothing has been recorded. It is thought this could be the restless spirit of a girl who died in a fire in the Print Studio room. Others think it is the ghost of Frances McDonald. More incidents have included buckets of paste being thrown hard at a caretaker when nobody was there, as well as sheets coming off the walls by themselves. The area has since been blessed by a priest, and activity seems to have lessened. Still, spooky stuff!


4. St. James Theatre

The theatre might be closed for the time being, but we’re not sure that matters to the ghosts – if they really roam this spot, that is! It is reportedly a common occurrence to pass by the ghost of Yuri, a performer from Russia who is believed to have fallen to his death at the St James Theatre. He is said to sometimes by spotted fiddling around with the lights. There are also accounts of a wailing woman, who is thought to have taken her own life in her dressing room. Yeah…I’m not sure I’m in the mood for the theatre anymore.

5. Chateau Tongariro

It’s a bit of a drive away from the city, but Chateau Tongariro is spooky and has history with Wellington. This large house became an asylum when hospital was damaged in Wellington, which then acted as a centre for Air Force members returning from World War II. Later it became a spot for private accommodation. And there have been some creepy paranormal reports from guests. These include items falling of the table with no one there, cold areas of the room and an uneasy feeling. Some people believe the spirit of a nurse who died on the grounds walk the hall. To top it all off, the former asylum and recuperation centre is also thought to resemble the hotel from The Shining.

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