Famous New Ice Cream Scoop Shop Arrives In Wellington, Courtesy Of Duck Island

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Famous New Ice Cream Scoop Shop Arrives In Wellington, Courtesy Of Duck Island

The famous Duck Island ice cream is finally with us!

Hamilton’s finest ice cream is on its way to Wellington! Previously, the Duck Island ice cream was only obtainable if you were prepared to make the 500-km journey to grab one. [Featured Image: @duckislandicecream, Instagram].

But now, we are blessed by their godly scoops. Cuba Street is the spot for the ice cream promised land, and you can go in and grab one now! This is going to be a gift during the upcoming summer months.

Since its 2015 inception, Duck Island has exploded, now boasting four different spots the vicinity of Hamilton and Auckland. And for good reason. We loved being able to buy their tubs from Moore Wilson’s, but having their own scoop shop is a complete game changer.


Each spot offers around 25 flavours at any given time, so we can’t wait to see (well, taste) what the Wellington shop conjures up. Some of them are just out of this world. Will you be tempted by a sourdough brown butter lemon curd scoop? Perhaps banana brûlée and ginger caramel swirl, complete with chocolate chunks, will take your fancy? There’s even a black sticky rice edition! Plus, Duck Island offer a host of vegan flavours, so anyone and everyone can get in on the act.

We could wax lyrical about the flavours all day, but you get the idea. Just try them, already. You can get a feel for more of what they do by checking out their Instagram page.

Practical information

Sunday-Wednesday, 11am-10.30pm, Thursday-Saturday, 11am-12am.

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