5 Of The Most Spectacular Waterfalls To Gaze At Around Wellington

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5 Of The Most Spectacular Waterfalls To Gaze At Around Wellington

Let’s go chasing waterfalls!

Waterfalls are just great, aren’t they? There’s always been something inherently calming about witnessing water gush down over a ledge and flow into a stream. If you’re with us on this, then you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty of spots in Wellington where you check out nature carrying out this essential job. Here’s five of the best for you. [Featured Image: Simon_Nathan, Flickr].

1. Seton Nossiter Park

Sat right near the heart of Wellington, this feels like an apt place to begin. The waterfall sat in Seton Nossiter Park is small, but has the added bonus of allowing visitors to climb up the rocks right by it. Plus, judging by this picture, it puts dogs in a dreamy trance!

2. Percy Scenic Reserve

Percy Scenic Reserve is an idyllic little spot with a waterfall that towers over walkers in the forest setting. On top of the beautiful waterfall, you’ll find winding trails, quaint woodland and even a cave to explore on your visit to the reserve. As spring hits, you can be sure that you’ll be in good hands at the Percy Reserve as you gaze into the waterfall.

3. Trelissick Park


Sat around Trelissick Park this unassuming waterfall flows out from a mysterious cave – gushing into a gorgeous little stream. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a blissful afternoon woodland walk.

4. Belmont Regional Park

A site that boasts this truly stunning edition with neighbouring palm trees to boot! Belmont is Wellington’s largest regional park. It’s favoured by the locals who love to hike and mountain bike along the “Puke Ariki” track. And hey, who wouldn’t want to take a short break to stare at this marvellous waterfall.

5. Porirua Stream

A quaint little walk to this Porirua Stream riverside will earn you a glance at perhaps the tiniest waterfall in Wellington! It’s always great to see even the small parts of nature playing their part, eh?

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